Where to find Manuals for current NetVu & Dedicated Micros Products

Installation Manuals and Quick Start Guides can be found on the Manuals page under the Technical Resources section of our website.


How to Set-Up Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) on a Uniplex – NVT-021.
Uniplex U-BOOT Upgrade – NVT-022
How to Enable Activity Based (Mulitmode) Recording on a Uniplex – NVT-008.
How to Set the Time and Date on the Uniplex NVR – NVT-015.
Viewing the Camera Web Pages on a Uniplex NVR – NVT-005.
Enabling Camera Failure Detection and Reporting on the Uniplex – NVT-009.
How to Manually add IP cameras to the Uniplex – NVT-013.


How to Connect and Set Up the Uniplex Lite Server (Video) – V1.0 031023.

How NetVu Connected Protocols Deliver the Fastest and Easiest Replay of Footage (Video) – V1.0 161023.


Upgrading SmartVu Cameras on a Uniplex Using the Web Pages – NVT-007.
How to Zoom and Focus SmartVu Cameras – NVT-014.
How to Enable Camera Failure Detection and Reporting on the Uniplex – NVT-009.
Setting Up Camera Ports for Passive Co-Ax Converter – NVT-024.




How to Install and License Enterprise Observer Software – NVT-010.
How to Back-Up Enterprise Observer Configurations/Settings – NVT-018.
How to Convert Video Files Using Enterprise Observer – NVT-017.
Viewing Recordings Exported Using Enterprise Observer – NVT-012.
How to Use Enterprise Observer – NVT-011.




How to Prepare for Remote Support – NVT-016.
How to Use the Command Line Interface – NVT-020.
How to Back-Up the Master_SFM Files – NVT-002.
How to Replace a Micro-SD card in a DVR/NVR – NVT-001.
How to View DEBUG & Telnet Commands on Uniplex – NVT-004.
How to Find the IP Address of a NetVu Gen4 Product and Make Initial Connection – NVT-029.



Upgrading Uniplex/Gen3 Recorder Software – NVT-006.
How to Replace a HDD in Gen3 DVR’s – NVT-026
How to Update a Gen3 DVR/NVR to Allow the Addition of a Gen4 Camera – NVT-028
How to Control a Gen3 Recorder from a Remote Location Using the NV1 Unit – NVT-030.