Transit Detection

Keeping business premises and assets safe from harm is an ongoing and evolving challenge. The vehicles of today are at risk. Government reports show that road traffic accidents are on the increase whilst the threat of criminal damage and theft remains high. For those organisations whose existence depends on a functioning fleet of vehicles, reliable transport surveillance has become something of an essential. 

Though demand continues to grow for vehicle surveillance technology, much of the hardware the market provides is ill-equipped to deal with the harsh realities of Britain’s roads. Fragile apparatus is easily damaged by repetitive shocks and sudden jolts leading to costly repairs and, sometimes, wholesale replacements. It’s expensive, inconvenient, and leaves your vehicles exposed. 

A key component amongst the NetVu suite of technologies is TransVu, a state-of-the-art vehicle surveillance system which stands out in a crowded market because, not only is it sophisticated, it’s tough. The rugged external chassis has been stress-tested to cope with the regular turbulence that comes with high mileage. 

The resilient chassis is quite remarkable on its own, but it’s what sits within this robust exterior which really impresses. TransVu users benefit from an ultra-modern, patented technology replete with the usual alarm and audio-recording features, but that’s just the start. Also included are solutions specific to the TransVu solution such as GPS-powered location tracking, a synergised accelerometer, integration with vehicle power management, and a driver panic button. 

Together, this durable, ergonomic casing and innovative, patented technology mean the TransVu solution provides reliable, long-lasting, future-proofed surveillance ensuring your vehicles are monitored by an unmatched level of security. 


NetVu are strictly following all Government and Public Health England Guidance and advice and have implemented a series of safety precautions to ensure we keep our employees, suppliers and customers safe and protected during these unsettling times that result from COVID-19.

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Clearly there is widespread disruption to supply lines, however we will be endeavouring to fulfil as many customer orders as possible, as we are carrying adequate inventory of our mainstream products.

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