On-premise Detection

Keeping business premises and assets safe from harm is an ongoing and evolving challenge. Today, breaches can come in all kinds of forms, and can be destructive in all kinds of different ways. One breach, however, has never changed and is as random and as devastating as any; fire.

When business owners are asked what’s important to the integrity and longevity of their companies, they will more often than not cite security. It’s not hard to see why. Criminal damage, theft, arson and other malicious acts impact on finances, which in turn impacts on livelihoods and overall wellbeing.

Economic uncertainty, variable crime rates and the introduction of new legislation has led to a spike in the deployment of CCTV. It’s not just businesses either, an increase in demand has also come from privately owned properties and residential housing.

Primarily, CCTV surveillance systems are installed to bolster security. They act as a deterrent to would-be vandals and burglars and provide critical evidence for law enforcement. High-risk organisations such as banks, retail stores and factories have a particular requirement for effective, responsive and reliable surveillance systems given their vulnerabilities and high-value assets.

However, it’s not just protection against criminal enterprise that necessitates CCTV. Video surveillance is also vital for workplaces where there is a risk of personal injury. Systems can monitor working environments so, should an incident occur, managers can find out exactly what happened thereby reducing the threat of costly lawsuits.

Furthermore, business owners are increasingly turning to integrated security solutions as a means of boosting efficiency levels amongst employees. Recent studies have shown that organisations deploying CCTV have enjoyed greater productivity and ‘good behaviour practice’ from both staff and customers alike.

With customer demands of CCTV being so multi-layered, it was a challenge finding a solution that ticks every box whilst also delivering robust reliability, super-fast connectivity and sophisticated interactivity. That challenge is now over. NetVu’s patented SmartVu technology offers every feature described here and more.

Boasting over 30 years of experience and expertise, NetVu/SmartVu has become a market leader in supplying integrated, high-end IP video solutions. We offer an array of security systems that are all fully adaptable to any type of business. Our dedicated sales team are on hand to guide you through any enquiries and all our products are installed by our professional, experienced engineers who also provide guaranteed health checks and regular status updates.

Safety and security matters and NetVu are here to make sure you have the best systems in place to protect your business to the highest standard.

If this is the level of security you want, call us now on 01928 706 400.

Anything from faulty wiring, to over-heating machinery, to negligent or malicious acts can spark an ignition.

Within just 30 seconds of a flame igniting a situation can have spiralled out of control. At three minutes from origin, toxic smoke has usually rendered visibility to zero whilst temperatures rage towards 300ºC. Five minutes from the initial event the heat is so intense that other items in the vicinity begin to ignite. At this point, rescuing those trapped becomes a near impossible task.

Critical to saving lives and business assets from the devastating destructive power of fire, is immediate detection. FireVu Video Fire Detection technology is a leading-edge solution for detection, identification, and smoke-analysis at the very start of a fire.

The technology is also able detect anomalies alternative solutions would fail to. Phenomena such as reflections and lighting effects can mimic the behaviour of smoke with sufficient accuracy to trigger many smoke detection systems. The FireVu VFD system is able to differentiate between such phenomena and real smoke, greatly reducing false alarms.

Further still, the highly advanced yet user-friendly FireVu platform enables operators to immediately raise an alarm and take appropriate action whether they are on-site or monitoring the situation remotely.

Initially devised to meet the requirement for a fire detection solution in a large power station facility, FireVu’s VFD is an ultra-intelligent apparatus which understands and analyses the behaviour and movement of smoke with breath-taking accuracy. It also has a security provision which can be combined with a business’ existing systems.

Such is the level of innovation and reliability of the FireVu solution that it is currently used on more than 200 sites globally.

Amongst the sites where FireVu silently and methodically monitors the environment are power stations, manufacturing plants, high-traffic tunnels, and aircraft hangars. Sites where immediate detection of fire is critical to saving human life and high-value assets.

Fire destroys businesses and destroys lives and it often starts when no-one’s watching, but with FireVu VFD installed on your premises, something always is.