Retail and Commercial

There are various causes; the start of seasonal sales, the release of limited-edition products, high-value stock on the premises, but retail workers are often the victims of violence and theft. Few outlets can afford permanent security guards which means there remains only one, genuine deterrent against criminal behaviour – high-resolution CCTV.

Fire is also a persistent threat. Stockrooms and warehouses, particularly those storing flammable goods such as clothes need advanced smoke and thermal detection to prevent disaster.

What does the retail/commercial sector need/expect from CCTV security?

  • Crime Prevention – Theft and the threat of violence are amongst the primary concerns for retailers. Cameras at each Point of Sale producing high-quality video and images and facial recognition act as powerful deterrents.
  • Compensation Prevention – Retail sites are often busy and can become cluttered depending on the type of product being sold. As such, there is an increased risk of accidents. This creates a need for CCTV to provide clear evidence in the event of an incident involving either a customer or employee.
  • Fire Surveillance – Stockrooms and warehouses, particularly those storing flammable goods such as clothes need advanced smoke and thermal detection to prevent disaster.
  • Coverage – To prevent instances of theft, retailers need CCTV with full site coverage providing 24/7 surveillance and high-quality output.

Why is NetVu the perfect solution for the retail and commercial sector?

We supply high-quality digital video. The improved quality of digital images in recent years means that CCTV is now an even bigger deterrent to potential criminals with positive identification now highly likely.

From a business perspective, our NetVu products provide substantial return on investment by reducing incidences of shrinkage and theft delivering retailers a monetary benefit in the long-term.

NetVu are strictly following all Government and Public Health England Guidance and advice and have implemented a series of safety precautions to ensure we keep our employees, suppliers and customers safe and protected during these unsettling times that result from COVID-19.

We monitor the guidelines daily and have implemented a series of changes which involve the majority of our staff working remotely and the only employees in the workplace are those that are there as a necessity, all operate from separate offices from each other and are practicing the strict protocols of social distancing.

Clearly there is widespread disruption to supply lines, however we will be endeavouring to fulfil as many customer orders as possible, as we are carrying adequate inventory of our mainstream products.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team