FireVu Optional Pre-Fitted Cable Assembly

FireVu Multi Detectors are often installed in harsh environments where opening the unit during installation risks exposing the electronics to contamination or damage.

To avoid this risk, FireVu Multi Detectors can be supplied with a pre-fitted 1.5M fire retardant Kopex cable assembly supplying all required connectivity from the detector, allowing the unit to be wired directly to a local junction box.

Key Features

  • CAT6 Ethernet cable
  • Belden 9504 shielded data cable
  • 20mm Galvanised steel, PVC coated flexible conduit
  • Kopex M20 swivel gland

Technical Drawing

Part Numbering

FT20 /
Conduit Attachment Size, FT20 – 20mm Connection
Armoured Sheath Length, 1M5 – 1.5m


1 Year

FACP IO Loop Connections (P7)                                                                                                      Cable Assembly Wiring Schedule


1 Loop_1+ Fire Alarm Loop Interface 1+ White
2 Loop_1- Fire Alarm Loop Interface 1- Black (White pair)
3 Loop_2+ Fire Alarm Loop Interface 2+ Blue
4 Loop_2- Fire Alarm Loop Interface 2- Black (Blue pair)


Alarm Relay Output Connections (P1)                                                                                           Cable Assembly Wiring Schedule

1 RLY3A Solid State Relay 2A 48V 3A Green
2 RLY3B Solid State Relay 2A 48V 3B Black (Green pair)
3 RLY4A Solid State Relay 2A 48V 4A Red
4 RLY4B Solid State Relay 2A 48V 4B Black (Red pair)


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