FireVu Enterprise Observer Software

FireVu provides early warning at the first signs of smoke or flame. Integral to the configuration and management of the FireVu system is Enterprise Observer, a user definable viewing software application with multi-camera viewing and playback of events, and customisable on-screen displays including temperature and status and and integrated system health check status.

Why NetVu?

  • NetVu Connected™ streaming protocols ensure no loss of video evidence.
  • Video Partition (PAR) File™ format for multi-camera synchronised playback and long storage media life.
  • Closed IP™ hardened management layer provides the highest levels of cyber security.
  • Simple data capture, recording and presentation from EPOS, Electronic Access Control and Building Management Systems, coherently displayed with video pictures.
  • NetVu PowerScripts™ for quick and easy integration and customised applications.
  • Cloud-based configuration and remote support available.

Key Features

  • User-definable screen layouts.
  • Multiple simultaneous screen layouts selected by tab.
  • Advanced Activity and Event Search.
  • User Playlists for simplified video evidence production.
  • User-definable dial, graph, gauge and virtual LED display plugins for side-by-side coherent display of video and data.
  • Metadata region overlays for improved event comprehension.
  • Analytics overlays for improved situational awareness.
  • System health check with on-screen status indication.

Technical Drawing

Part Numbering

BAS = Basic Level
STD = Standard Level
PRE = Premium Level
M /
S = Single User License
M = Master Site License
(minimum 5 users)


Not Applicable
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Processor Intel i3 Dual Core or equivalent
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphics Capability Open GL 2.0 Compatible Graphics Card
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 onwards
Processor Intel i5 Quad Core or equivalent
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphics Capability Integrated GPU or 2.0 Compatible
Graphics Card
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Version 1.0 –
21/05/2024 –

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