NetVu Enterprise Observer Software

Enterprise Observer is a user definable viewing software application with multi-camera viewing and playback of events, customisable on-screen displays and integrated system health check status.

We offer a free version of Enterprise Observer for single NVR/single PC installations requiring entry level functionality.
Please visit the Software Release Download Page to access a free version of the software.


Licenses for larger sites or users requiring advanced functionality are available for purchase, please refer to the matrix below or contact us to discuss your needs.

You can download a time-limited, demo version of the full software allowing you to explore the advanced features of the software before purchasing.

To request a Demo version of the full software please complete the Enterprise Observer Request Form.

Why NetVu?

  • Advanced file streaming protocol developed specifically for Video Surveillance, rather than generic Web Media protocols.
  • PAR file format video storage enables immediate playback across multiple channels with complete time synchronisation and allows storage of additional information such as event data and analytic streams.
  • MultiMode dynamic record and stream switching utilises activity detection to optimise recording profiles, reducing HDD storage costs by up to 80%.
  • Closed IP hardened management layer provides unparalleled, automatic security, automatic discovery of NetVu Connected products and an easy to use drag and drop allocation format.
  • Comprehensive event handling driven by physical interfaces, metadata or custom scripts, including active or inactive reporting and MQTT integration.
  • Embedded Meta data support with processing within the camera, server or viewing software and offering the functionality to deliver a total Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution, increasing timesaving, maximising efficiency benefits and automated risk reduction.
  • Bespoke PowerScripts deliver advanced processing of real time data, activity detection and other system extensions.
  • Compliant with PSTI and NDAA cyber protocol requirements.

Key Features

  • User-definable screen layouts.
  • Multiple simultaneous screen layouts selected by tab.
  • Advanced Activity and Event Search.
  • Supports 360° cameras with image de-warping, stored pre-set positions and multiple concurrent views from the same camera.
  • User Playlists for simplified video evidence production.
  • User-definable dial, graph, gauge and virtual LED display plugins for side-by-side coherent display of video and data.
  • GPS Maps for transport applications.
  • Video export with graphical overlays.
  • System health check with on-screen status indication.

Technical Drawing

Part Numbering

Enterprise Observer
BAS = Basic Level
STD = Standard Level
PRE = Premium Level
S /
S = Single User License
M = Master Site License
(minimum 5 users)


1 year
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Processor Intel i3 Dual Core or equivalent
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphics Capability Open GL 2.0 Compatible Graphics Card
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 onwards
Processor Intel i5 Quad Core or equivalent
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphics Capability Integrated GPU or 2.0 Compatible
Graphics Card
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Associated Products

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Dedicated Micros IP Cameras

Version 1.2 –
21/05/2024 –

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