NetVu 16 Channel Network Extender

Designed, manufactured and supported in the United Kingdom, with software written entirely to Western Standards, the NetVu Uniplex range provides the best solution for every application. The NetVu Network Extender works with the full range of Uniplex recorders and provides camera endpoint expansion which is both highly secure and cost effective.

Why Uniplex?

  • Advanced file streaming protocol developed specifically for Video Surveillance, rather than generic Web Media protocols.
  • PAR file format video storage enables immediate playback across multiple channels with complete time synchronisation and allows storage of additional information such as event data and analytic streams.
  • MultiMode dynamic record and stream switching utilises activity detection to optimise recording profiles, reducing HDD storage costs by up to 80%.
  • Closed IP hardened management layer provides unparalleled, automatic security, automatic discovery of NetVu Connected products and an easy to use drag and drop allocation format.
  • Comprehensive event handling driven by physical interfaces, metadata or custom scripts, including active or inactive reporting and MQTT integration.
  • Embedded Meta data support with processing within the camera, server or viewing software and offering the functionality to deliver a total Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution, increasing timesaving, maximising efficiency benefits and automated risk reduction.
  • Bespoke PowerScripts deliver advanced processing of real time data, activity detection and other system extensions.
  • Compliant with PSTI and NDAA cyber protocol requirements.

Key Features

  • 1U Network extender with 16 integrated camera endpoints with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability.
  • Deterministic automated IP camera assignment to network port removes the need to manually assign cameras to a recorder by IP address, simplifying the installation process and reducing costs.
  • Traffic management on a port-by-port basis provides a high level of cyber security.
  • Creates Trusted Endpoints that protect your IP video systems and your corporate networks from unwanted intrusion.
  • Unused camera endpoints automatically locked and Power-over-Ethernet disabled, meeting the requirements of Secure By Design.
  • Video Integral Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports facilitate the connection of Network Extenders via fibre optic cable for large installations.
  • NetVu Cloud-based support features that allow complete remote configuration, health-checking, maintenance and support of your system.

Technical Drawing

Part Numbering

16 /
2-2 /
Network Points – SFP


1 year, plus additional 1 year (registration required)


Endpoint Connections 16 x Ethernet Ports for direct connection of IP Cameras (10/100 RJ45 connections)
Network Connections 2 x Gbit RJ45,
2 x Gbit SFP modules.
1 x console port
Network Protocols NetVu Connected Advanced Streaming, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTSP/RTP Unicast and Multicast, Telnet / SSH, FTP, PoE, NTP, SNMP, Zeroconf, ModBus, iSCSI.
Local Display Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)



Power Input Voltage: DC110-264V;
Output: DC52V 5.76A
Total power: 300W
Operating Temperature 20oC to 55oC
Operating Humidity 10% to 95% (Non-condensing).
Approvals UKCA and CE marked. Complies with part 15 of FCC CFR47. RoHS Compliant.
Product Dimensions 407mm x 185mm x 45mm
Product Weight 2.4kg


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27/05/2020 –

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