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Ground-breaking Panoramic CCTV fisheye with schematic

NetVu’s ground-breaking 6 megapixel 360 Dedicated Micros camera solution is available now. What makes these cameras industry leading is the wealth of NetVu technology that combines with them to create an unrivalled solution that delivers unbeatable performance and value for money.

The complete NetVu solution combines the 360 camera, a Dedicated Micros SDHD Advanced DVR, N2SE Network Extender, Enterprise ObserVer user interface and Closed IP to deliver a flexible, cyber secure solution. Features include: pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) on playback, multiple stored segments and preset positions, alarm handling, conditional events and video transmission and receiving.


One Camera to do the Job of Many

The NetVu solution offers excellent value as each of our 360 cameras with PTZ playback can potentially cover an area that multiple conventional single-direction cameras would be needed for.

360 camera product cluster with switch

For example, a standard high street store, or small unit in a shopping centre, would typically need about 6 to 8 cameras to provide full coverage. A single NetVu 360 camera with de-warped images provided by Enterprise ObserVer software can cover the same area, saving significantly on instillation time and labour costs. In fact, Enterprise ObserVer can display up to 16 different images at the same time.

Compatible with Legacy Systems

While the 360 camera requires the SDHD DVR and Enterprise ObserVer to deliver its powerful performance, legacy camera set ups can be run from the same SDHD and Enterprise Observer implementation, thus providing a smooth upgrade path while avoiding expensive wholesale costs.


Key Benefits

  • High quality 360 degree image recorded with reduced blind spots.
    Fisheye non-dewarped and de-warped images

    Full fisheye image on the left, with the de-warped images as seen with Enterprise ObserVer on the right.

  • Record everything, even the scenes which are not in the field of view of the viewer at the time of live viewing.
  • Suitable for 20m all round view, usable up to 40m.
  • Excellent all round IR illumination built into the camera.
  • Set up a single camera to have up to 16 views in Enterprise ObserVer for constant monitoring.
  • 100% pan, tilt and zoom control on the entire 360 degree image, both live and on the playback image: retrospective review of activities outside the field of view of the operator at the time in the live image.
  • Export a playlist of videos which record a person moving through the scene with no break in continuity.
  • Secure video network method which has authenticated end points: with NetVu Connected Closed IPTV and the NetVu Network Extender secure appliance.
  • Recording of the 360 image on the SD Advanced HD product.
  • Hybrid system which records NetVu’s 360 degree 6 megapixel, fixed IP cameras, HD analogue camera and standard definition cameras.
  • All video display and playback is through Enterprise ObserVer.
  • Traditional joystick keyboard control via DM’s KBC2U directly connected to the PC running Enterprise ObserVer.

Application Scenarios

The combination of 360 degree coverage and recording of all scenes means the solution is ideal for health & safety and security applications. It can provide continuity of evidence, coverage of busy lobbies and corridors and ensure troublesome blind spots are covered.

Application areas include:

  • Reception areas
  • Hotel lobby areas
  • Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Warehousing
  • Health and Leisure
  • Industrial process monitoring

Download the 360 Fisheye Camera datasheet.

Download the SDHD DVR datasheet.

Demonstration Video

Images from the NetVu Dedicated Micros 360 Fisheye camera using Enterprise ObserVer to display the images in single, quad and 16 grid screen format.

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