FireVu – Early Warning Fire Detection

What is FireVu?

FireVu provides very early visual detection of smoke, flame and heat; together with situational awareness to enable remedial decisions to be made quickly.

How does it Work?

Sophisticated analytical software analyses video images from the FireVu camera or ‘detector’ to identify the presence of smoke, flame and heat at source providing fast, accurate very early warning. Through segmentation of the field of view, FireVu can assist stakeholders in identifying the origin point of the fire, significantly aiding efforts to extinguish the threat. While highly sensitive calibration features minimises the risk of false alarms.

FireVu at Surrey Fire Innovation Day

NetVu attended Surrey Fire Innovation day on 26 March 2018 to demonstrate FireVu as an early warning detection system for fire in high rise buildings. The test comprised of a FireVu Multi-Detector with a pan fire at the bottom of the tower to simulate a high rise building whereby break out may be occurring from a window to the outside of the building.

The successful test, which can be seen in the video footage in the right hand column, identified flame and thermal in seconds, demonstrating how FireVu can rapidly detect fire in open air scenarios in addition to indoors.

detector side, view and range combined

Why is FireVu Industry Leading?

FireVu delivers a unique combination of features simply not available from any other product on the market.
FireVu’s unique combination of features includes:

  • Can ‘see’ flame and signal alarm in seconds *
  • Works outside and in large voluminous spaces
  • Unaffected by airflow or stratification
  • Thermal detection** with two thresholds to detect heat build up
  • Secure and low maintenance connectivity using NetVu Closed IP
  • Situational awareness via FireVu annunciator and Enterprise ObserVer
  • Can integrate to alarm and automated shut down systems

* within recommended field of view, **Multi-Detector version

Application Scenarios

As a visual-based system, FireVu can be applied in many, diverse scenarios. While most fire detection systems rely on physical contact with the fire, FireVu does not. As a result it can be effectively applied both indoors and outdoors; on the outside of buildings or in large atriums/warehouses.

Application areas include:

  • High Rise Buildings
  • Waste Management Facilities
  • Hotel lobby areas
  • Retail outlets
  • Schools
  • Warehousing
  • Industrial Production Line Facilities

Download the FireVu Mult-Detector datasheet.

Download other FireVu data and information sheets from our products page.


FireVu Presentation Video


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FireVu In Action Footage

Warning – video contains flashing images.

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