Fire Detection


Keeping people and premises safe from harm is an ongoing and evolving challenge that comes in all kinds of forms, however, fire remains the most destructive and the most difficult to detect.

Anything from faulty wiring, over-heating machinery, to negligent or malicious acts can spark an ignition, and within just 30 seconds of a flame igniting a situation can have spiralled out of control.

Critical to saving lives and business assets from the destructive power of fire, is immediate detection.

FireVu uses a combination of Video Flame Detection (VFD) and Video Smoke Detection (VSD) technology to deliver a superior level of Fire Detection.

Initially devised to meet the requirement for a fire detection solution in a large power station facility, FireVu’s dual layer smoke analytic accurately identifies accumulating ambient smoke in addition to smoke plumes, and when combined with it’s patented unique colour intensity-based flame analysis, detects the behaviour and movement of smoke and flame with unrivalled accuracy.