Give your customers a digital upgrade before someone else does?

In a digital world, your customers are looking for surveillance solutions that meet their business challenges in a quickly evolving and data-hungry landscape.

They want access to the best products in the market at the best price, you want increased custom and enhanced revenue.


Offers that support a digital upgrade and give you margin


50% off trade price for an SD Advanced 6TB or 46% off trade price for an SD Advanced 3TB

Why NetVu?

  • Enhanced technological capability: Our latest products offer situational awareness including real time remote video transmission and receiving.
  • Attractive margins: We want youto be successful. Your sales are our sales, so to help you achieve this, we have developed a pricing structure which allows you to make significant profit on the re-selling of our products.
  • New marketing opportunities: our content allows you to run campaigns into your base, positioning your business as at the cutting-edge of surveillance innovation.
  • Generate new custom with old customers: technologies has been designed to be compatible with legacy versions. This means you can approach existing and previous customers with solutions that offer enhanced capability, but which crucially can be installed without the need for any hardware replacements.
  • Ongoing support: Buying our products is not the end of the transaction for us. If you are presented with issues or problems post-sale, our technical support team is on hand 24/7 to ensure they are resolved as quickly as possible.

 Now for the small print

  • This offer is available now and will continue until further notice. Installers whom have repairs with us not yet completed at 19th April can trade the DS2 in for new SD Advanced
  • You must fill in a Trade In application form and have an account set up
  • If your trade in DS2s are not returned, you may be charged the difference in price from offer price to regular price
  • Offer only applies if a DS2 is being traded in, otherwise regular pricing applies
  • The offer is not retrospective in that lower price cannot be claimed on previous SD Advanced purchases
  • The offer is available now and will continue until further notice, Standard terms and conditions of sale apply
  • The offer is for trade customers in the UK region only
  • Full Terms & Conditions for the Trade In Scheme are available to view and download from the web page –




IP Video Markets

  • Education Solutions

    Education Solutions

    Assault, arson, bullying, theft and vandalism can happen outside, across campuses, as well as inside. AD Network Video solutions provide a safer environment for all, enabling security staff to tackle incidences quickly. Powerful scalable Video over IP solutions can make use of current infrastructures, providing another source of return on investment.

  • Bus & Train Solutions

    Bus & Train Solutions

    Operators can better protect passengers, staff and the company, taking action when necessary in incidences of anti-social behaviour including theft, vandalism and violence. False insurance claims can also be refuted with the g-force sensor and video, providing another source of return on investment.

  • Commercial Buildings

    Commercial Buildings

    AD Network Video provide fire detection and surveillance solutions for high value property, be they cultural treasures such as London Guildhall or modern icons such as the City of London’s Gherkin. AD Network Video systems deliver against challenging specifications while adhering to architectural sensitivities and regulations.

  • Waste Management Solutions

    Waste Management Solutions

    Fires at waste management sites are paid for by the environment, the emergency services and the local community, but they also cost you and your business. There is a major fire at a waste management or recycling site every day in the UK.

  • Banking Solutions

    Banking Solutions

    Retail counters, ATMs and the financial institution’s premises need protecting from internal and external fraud. The evidential quality of Video over IP video can help deter and prosecute offenders. Secure, easy to upscale solutions from AD Network Video provide real-time surveillance to reduce incidents and provide a potentially significant Return on Investment.

  • Retail Solutions

    Retail Solutions

    Shrinkage costs the UK retail industry alone over £5 billion annually, employee fraud makes up a third of the losses. Surveillance solutions from AD Network Video act as a deterrent, providing evidential quality video as well as enabling security functions to act promptly.