NetVu Ltd is an innovative technology and video surveillance industry pioneer

NetVu Ltd develop, sell, support and warrant a suite of market-leading solutions including FireVu and TransVu throughout the UK, EMEA and USA.

We breed innovation with the industry’s most expert people, delivering services and solutions that are dedicated to protecting everything that is important to you and your business. Through a combination of data, alarms and video - integrated into one control point - our multi-sensory technologies distribute critical information within a business or to security services, allowing for immediate action.

The NetVu suite of products provide instant warnings in a range of developing situations including visual smoke, heat and flame detection, and cyber secure video surveillance and management. These solutions are fully integrated into the safety and business processes of customers in all high-risk markets. It means smart surveillance and the ability to respond efficiently and effectively.

All NetVu solutions and products share a common core video server technology – NetVu Connected – which ensures all technologies are differentiated, scalable and operate together seamlessly. These benefits are delivered through various brands including Dedicated Micros, SmartVu, FireVu and TransVu.

Innovative technology and video surveillance

Dedicated Micros, FireVu and TransVu products

All NetVu solutions and products share a common core video server technology...